Our Mission

Be a voice. Not an echo.


We believe in the power of thinking big,
instead of limiting yourself by thinking small.
Being strong instead of weak.
We trust in authenticity and being genuine.
In breaking rules and taking risks.
Creating clarity and making room to express.
Word by word.
We want to listen, understand and speak the same language.
With trust and empathy.
And celebrating, especially the work that we love above all.

Your company – seen and heard. That was my motivation for founding our agency. How does this work? With your unique and distinctive voice – your brand voice.

We are convinced that every company has its own voice that should be heard, seen and felt. Getting your clients to connect to your business on a level where they build trust and come back. Again and again.

That’s why we partner with companies: To gain clarity about their concepts and communication, to create recognition value and to convey uniqueness with the help of consciously chosen words – to become a voice instead of an echo.

Implementing this voice in every single content part. To represent the brand’s core and gain visibility in the long run.

Heartitude: Be a voice.


Let me introduce to you

5 facts about Maria
CEO Senior Brand & Conversion Writer
  • Owner of the podcast „Kreativpreneur-Podcast“
  • Weaknesses: Almond latte, Coworking spaces and nomadlife (What can I say? Usual Berlin hipster life!)
  • I like to use metaphors, sometimes anglicisms and I love to exaggerate: The German language is a colorful, wild playground for me.
  • I wrote my first novel of 6 pages when I was 5, but it never left my house and was only read by my parents.
  • When I travel, I do it randomly, madly and adventurously: From shamans in the jungle and couchsurfing in Mexico, to broke and stranded in the Philippines – I’ve done it all.

My hardworking Team:

5 Facts about Isabell
Writer & Editor
  • Apart from being a writer, also a teacher and recently responsible for a small earthling
  • As a teenager, I wrote very theatrical poems in English (They were supposed to be  songs, but I can’t compose!).
  • Coffee flows through my veins (I prefer cappuccino with oat milk!)
  • I love almost everything that has to do with creativity (from painting/drawing to music and acting).
  • In the team, I am known as „the eagle eye“.
5 Facts about Jule,
writer & screenwriter
  • The typical veterinarian, dancer, teacher? No, not at all. But… author, 100 %!
  • I love a lactose free latte.
  • Huge fan of movies and TV shows: Love Brooklyn99, Alice in Borderland, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and iZombie
  • In my free time, I like to ride a unicycle.
  • Love traveling and travel-related things
5 Facts about Cornelia
writer & editor
  • Used to be passionate about all stories involving detectives (And still am!).
  • Health care worker, psychologist, circus educator, writer
  • Sports in every free minute: Running, climbing, aerial silks
  • Plant lover
  • The easiest way to enter the writing flow, for me, is to turn on a YouTube video of crackling fireplace sounds.

I want it right here,
right now!