Be a voice.
Not an echo.

Your voice.
Your impact.

Hi, I am Maria, CEO of Copy Boutique, Brand & Conversion Writer and Communication Strategist, with over 7 years of experience. We’re a young team of experienced writers from Berlin. Together we give your brand a unique voice and develop strategically captivating content, so that you and your business are seen and heard! So make yourself comfortable in our virtual neighborhood and feel right at home. Because mi casa es su casa. And now that I’ve poured you a virtual coffee, let’s chat!


Lets do some
Hokus Pokus

We are magicians.
Maybe not with the hat and the rabbit, but with words!
We juggle them, use them to enchant and inspire!
Tell, touch and move.
We captivate.
Draw readers into our spell.

And it gets even better: We make your till ring!
So let the show begin!

Why be boring when you can be different?

Listen, I’ll tell you something: boring bla-bla is so yesterday!
And you know what’s absolutely outdated? Wasting time telling stories no one cares about! Ouch. (And sorry!)
Because here’s the thing: The internet is chock-full of bla-bla!
And if you don’t tell me right away who you are, what you do and what’s in it for me, then… Oh boy, I think we have an error in transmission!
But no need to panic, there’s a reason you’re here!
We combine storytelling with SEO and sales psychology, making content to ensure customers are going to come knocking down your door. Ka-Ching! 
We roll up our sleeves, turn your brand upside down, give it a new voice and show you and it in a completely new light. We’ll make you feel like you’ve made it all the way to Hollywood, red carpet included!
Because everything your brand needs to get a new look is already right there!
Our job is to put together a complete picture from these puzzle pieces.
A picture that your customers will find amazing!

You love puzzles?
Fantastic, so do we!



Content Strategy

Based on a competitor, market and SEO analysis, we develop a comprehensive content strategy for you, tailored to your business.


Text & Concept

From website texts, sales pages, e-books, video scripts for TV commercials, tutorials and product videos to e-mail campaigns and SEO blog articles – we create a complete campaign from first click to conversion.


Workshops & Strategy Calls

Together, we develop your brand voice, either in a strategy call or via online/offline brand voice workshop.

Sounds interesting.


Happy Clients?
Happy Me.




COYA // Alexander Hecking, Marketing Manager

Maria has been my first choice as a freelance content writer for the last 6 month. She has handled an array of content topics for us e.g. she wrote over 40 SEO articles, prepared press releases and product video scrips to explain our insurance products to our customers. Maria is extremely reliable and independent. When she commits to a deadline you can be sure that you get your results delivered in time. No excuses. I am looking forward to working with Maria in the future!


Candis // Hannah Bachmann, Copywriter

Maria and her team at Copy Boutique supported us at CANDIS in creating SEO articles. The collaboration was very pleasant, Maria and her team were always reliable and delivered top qualityeven when the topics were challenging. Absolutely recommended!


Laura Kessner // Laura Kessner, Business Coach

Maria and her team have supported my business with the delivery of two blog articles per month for the past 12 months. In these months, I received high-quality work from Maria and her team. The articles perfectly hit the company language, were excellently researched and always had a creative take on the topics discussed. Even the smallest comments were immediately and flawlessly acted on. In addition to the excellent work, I would like to highlight the interpersonal collaboration. Communication was always very friendly and accommodating. Maria and her team were also always accommodating to my changing corporate structure. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Maria. I highly recommend her and her team as copywriters for blog articles time and time again! Thank you to Maria and the team, for the excellent collaboration!

agicap image

Agicap // Dr. Nirmalajah Asokan, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Maria writes high performing, laser-sharp and witty blog articles for us, which also help our site to rank for our target keywords. She is the best example for a writer who not only writes engaging, smart and relatable copy, but also has a clear understanding of all things SEO. We value all the time she can spare us. She always delivers on-time and has helped us increase our organic visibility.

ZAV24 // Sergey Walter

We decided to work with Maria because we were looking for support in developing our brand voice, content strategy, and implementation for our key projects. Maria held a 2-day Brand Voice Workshop for us, and we worked together to create a Tone of Voice (TOV) guide, which she integrated into her content production processes. The brand voice has significantly contributed to a 34% and 28% increase in customer inquiries for both projects. Overall, we worked together for 7 months and found the collaboration to be very good! I would recommend Maria without reservation.

pleo image

Pleo // Luke Richardson, Senior Director, Brands & Comms

Maria is a fantastically detail oriented and disciplined linguist. She was responsible for us elevating our German identity through the use of a localised tone of voice that was consistent, coherent and characterful.

holvi image

Holvi // Zoe Schirren, Content Marketing Specialist

I was working with Maria on content for the German Holvi blog. She provided us with articles for the Holvi Blog. Working and communicating with Maria is a pleasure and she quickly grasps what I, as a customer, am looking for. Thank you, Maria!


Certification Experts // Soufyan Lamdini, Digital Brand Specialist

Maria was an absolute pleasure to work with. Hands-on, independent and highly cooperative. Her writing and content approach helped us to connect with our difficult and wide-ranging audience. She is prepared and plans from the get-go.


Mamly App // Anna-Lena Hudalla

The collaboration with Maria was outstanding: very professional, to the point and extremely pleasant in communication. I would be happy to work with her again at any time!


Gurgl Öztal Tourism // Lisa Reich

A very informative workshop. The chemistry and group dynamics were wonderful, I learned a lot and look forward to working with you again. Thank you very much for the great workshop!

Yes, I want this. 
Oh yes, absolutely.