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Editorial, Copywriting
Transcreation, Übersetzung 

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Journalistische Artikel für Magazine

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Film,- Fernseherfahrung
(Dramaturgische Beratung, Dialog Coaching, Voice Over Autorin)

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More references on Crew united, imdb


“Marias texts are just great. Just as I imagined it would be. Thank you so much for the great support!”

Roman Steck,

“Maria’s writing style is modern, empathetic and honest. The contents are always well researched. Her blog articles and interviews are always exciting and captivating for the readers. She has been convincing us both humanely and professionally for two years now. I am glad that I have this creative & authentic writer and look forward to her next work”.

Filipp Romanovskij, Eshatklickgemacht

“What a stunning article: “I am alone but not lonely” on “Im Gegenteil”
I would have liked to had this insight in your age.. You really spoke to from my soul!”

Instagram Message

“I just read your article “In the middle of nowhere” at Refinery 29 and found it so beautifully and poetic written. Thanks a lot for lighten up my day.”

Instagram Message

“Thank you for the great work, Maria! Her way of working is thorough and reliable. Working with her was pleasant and professional. Her writing style fits my company perfectly, the copywriting job is exactly what I imagined it to be.”

Bora Imren, Managing Director

“Thank you very much, dear Maria, for the excellent copywriting! Maria researches very thoroughly and brings in many creative ideas and suggestions. She creates an exciting, emotional journey for the readers, who not only got an idea about our product, but were able to immerse themselves in an inspiring world that Maria created for them”.

Anastasia Plettoukhina, Masa Israel

“Maria was very friendly, helpful and professional. She supported me to create a whole content campaign for my company. We managed to do it very quickly and in very high quality. Her style of writing is very light and lively even the topic becomes dry. Thank you!”

Uwe Manuel, Berlin Level

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