Words and Language

Hi I am Maria.
I write to make your life easier.

We have learned the powerful craft of language to express our thoughts and knowledge in words. The text starts with the first headline. When we tell stories, they can sound exciting, captivating but also refreshing. How do you want to tell your story? How would you like your voice to be? How do you want your image to be? Text is an important building block and influences your appearance and therefore your company. As soon as this is in place, you can address a target group and rapidly increase your reach. Together we work out suitable contents, the right language for your business, in order to present the strengths of your company/product in the best possible way.

How would you like to tell your story?

Content Strategy

  • Content planning
    Target group analysis, topic analysis
  • Content Concept
    Editorial plan (social media, blog)
    Content implementation:
  • Creation, publication and Content Management
  • Controlling & Analysis