You don’t have the words?
L A S S  D A I N E  H O M E  P A G E  S P R E C H E N!

We have learned the powerful craft of language to express our thoughts and knowledge in words. The text starts with the first headline. As John Carples had said: „If the headline doesn’t stop people, the text can also be written in Greek“. When we tell stories, they can sound exciting, captivating but also refreshing. How do you want to tell? How would you like to speak? How do you want to appear? Text is an important building block and influences your appearance and therefore your company. As soon as this is in place, you can address a target group and rapidly increase your reach. Together we work out suitable contents, the right language for your homepage, in order to present the strengths of your company/product in the best possible way, so that you can shine at the end with your homepage.

How would you like to tell your story?
Creative Content

concept creation
Creation of an editorial plan
Editorial elaboration
Creation of newsletters for the entire customer pool
Programs: Mail Chimp, SendInBlue, Newstroll, Benchmark
Further journalistic content: Interviews, Columns, Reports, Features, Portraits
Vision (positioning, book idea)
Structure (book structure and content definition)
Interview (3 interviews for content analysis)
Feedback/ Revision
Proofreading / Proofreading
Online Scrollytelling (Multimedia Reports)
Text & video elaboration
Your Benefits

Thorough and detailed advice
Concept development and editorial plan for future contributions
Creative content & first-class storytelling
I want to tell stories and inspire my customers!


(In German, English, Russian, French)

Website content
Editorial concept development
Content for the website
Formulation of slogans
Search Engine Optimization On Page SEO
product texts
Product description about characteristics and advantages of your product
Your Benefits

Thorough and detailed advice
Sound research and concept development
Target groups, – and industry-fair Copys, which convince each customer
I want my content to speak!

Transcription (German only)

For audio recording
For filming with timecode and setting
Simple (smoothed) literal transcription
(Without word duplications, word abortions)
literal (unsmoothed) transcription (with word duplications, word abortions)
Individual, group, direct interviews

Your Benefits

Thorough and detailed advice
Sound research and concept development
Target groups, – and industry-fair Copys, which convince each customer

I want a careful transcription that makes my workflow easier!

punctuation error
grammar mistakes
spelling and sentence construction

Your Benefits

Thorough and detailed advice
Sound research and concept development
I want a flawless proofreading of my content!

Social Media

Creation of editorial plans
Concept Development Content Marketing
Instagram, Insta Stories

I want to give my social media a brand new face!

Translation / Transcreation

Translations for websites, business texts
English, German
I work with a pool of professional translators and can also offer the following languages:


I want professional translations for my company!

Dialogue coaching on the film set
Voice Over Author
Dialog Coaching (Russian/German) for film productions with Russian-speaking actors
Translation/interpreting on film set
Translation / editing of scripts and exposés (Russian/German)
Translation/editorial editing and help in creating voice over/subtitling of filmed footage in the editing lab

I want a dialogue coaching for the next film shooting!

How do we proceed?

1.) Telephone consultation

Here you have the opportunity to ask me all your questions, express your wishes and ideas. I will be happy to advise you on a sensible strategy and the best approach. In addition we discuss the costs, here you have the possibility to book packages or single orders. I will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate in which I will also give you an estimate of the time required.

2.) Personal conversation

If you agree with my estimate, we will arrange a personal meeting in which I will get to know you and your company better. This is crucial because I want to get a feel for the right language.

3.) Thorough and successful project implementation

Now it’s time for implementation! Soon I will deliver the first drafts to you. We talk regularly and work closely together, because your satisfaction is my top priority.

4.) Project executed
Happy birthday! We have taught your homepage to speak, it has now gained character and can continue to grow!

So what are you waiting for?
Let’s get started today!

Ask for prices and get started!